Helping Others in the Community

Helping others is a huge source of happiness and selfless service in an integral part of the practice of yoga. We have a philanthropy fund here at Union Yoga, donating about 10% of our gross revenue every year to non-profits with whom we share core values. We want to express our endless gratitude to the students who practice at Union Yoga because without them, our donations would not happen.


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Martin Scott, owner of Union Yoga, is a charter member of the Headstand Board of Directors.  Martin and Union Yoga are committed to broadening the awareness of yoga and the benefits of yoga especially for children.  Union Yoga donates 100% of the revenue from every Saturday 9:00am class to Headstand.  By attending the Headstand Donation Class on Saturday mornings, yogis can know that the $15 they pay for class is going directly to a very worthy cause.

Headstand brings yoga classes to the curriculum of at-risk youth in underserved schools.  The yoga classes that the children attend teach them so much about themselves and how to deal with their emotions and feelings in a healthy way.  Yoga has been associated with higher self-esteem, better behavior, enhanced physical health, and improved grades. Headstand, based in San Francisco, is committed to improving the academic, psychological, and physical health of students and teachers in Bay Area classrooms through the use of regular, simple, and fun yoga exercises.

To find out more about Headstand please visit and see what great things are happening for these kids!

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City of Hope is recognized worldwide for its compassionate patient care, innovative science and translational research, which rapidly turns laboratory breakthroughs into promising new therapies. Every day they pursue new and better ways to improve the lives of men, women and children here and around the world – and have for almost 100 years. City of Hope’s pioneering research has brought the world closer to cures for many life-threatening diseases, from cancer to diabetes.  You can learn more about City of Hope at

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No one should have to suffer or die alone. Maitri provides compassionate residential care to men and women in need of hospice or 24-hour care and cultivates the deepest respect and love for life among its residents and caregivers.

At Maitri, we strive to provide the type of care that each of us would like to receive at the end of our lives – care that is dignified, non-judgmental, unconditional. We hold dear the principle that each resident has the right to determine the degree of choice and awareness with which to experience life and death.