May 20, 2015 Union Yoga

Plant Seeds to Find Harvest in Your Habits

We have all heard the saying ‘you reap what you sow’ or phrases like ‘the fruit of your labor.’ They both come from agricultural harvesting—the process of planting and gathering what has come of it. With all things, there can be environmental factors that contribute to the end result. This can be true for us as well throughout different seasons. If you think of this as creating new habits for yourself to see changes (or fruit), you can participate in a similar process that will result in the life you want to live. For the month of February, Union Yoga was focusing intentions around planting seeds.

 Yoga, sitting meditation, a new relationship, building a house, growing a garden, learning a new instrument, training a dog, getting a PhD, starting a business, restoring a new property, or simply preparing a meal all have ONE thing in common: there is a process required for a result. Whatever the result is, a new ritual or habit is created.

At Union Yoga, we are creating a practice and community encouraged by creating new rituals and habits. At this time of year, it is so important for us to put process in place so that we can see the benefits of our hard work, and have others (friends, family, community) benefit from it.

If you are feeling inspired to create a new habit, ritual or process for yourself this season, we want to encourage you! It doesn’t even have to be around yoga!

Here are some simple actions (sowing) that will yield results:

Be Committed. We all know that significant change happens over time. Commit to 30 days. A month is a good block of time to commit to a change and it will easily fit in your calendar.

Be Simple. While ambition and drive are admirable, it can sometimes be overwhelming, resulting in termination or disruption of process. Take simple approaches to your new habits and begin to build when you start achieving results.

Be Consistent. Do your new habit every day– consistency is going to be a major contribution.

Be Thoughtful. After 2 weeks you might forget about your one month commitment! If you forget, you become inconsistent, which defeats the purpose of habituation. Create reminders for yourself (post-its are fun), set alarms or track in your calendar.

Be Accountable. Find a friend who encourages you (maybe they want to plant similar seeds to develop the same habit). Use them for support when things get hard.

Come practice with us at Union Yoga. Plant seeds, set intentions and let us be a supportive community around your goals.

Nkechi Njaka