August 14, 2015 Union Yoga



In each of us, our greatest potential exists below the surface. When we begin a spiritual journey, like yoga, we are constantly discovering that there is more to uncover and more to unfold each time we bring ourselves to the mat.

Yoga is the journey of the self,
through the self,
to the self. – The Bhagavad Gita.

Of. Through. To.

The majority of us have been conditioned to think that our potential has everything to do with performance. With achievement. With the accumulation of things. We graduate high school. We go to college. Maybe we pursue an advanced degree. We arrive at a job we think we want. We get the right promotion. Perhaps we even find the right spouse. We do the right things–degrees,  awards, prestige and….more things.

Potential has less to do with what we have and more to do with how we go about getting it. It’s not what we are doing, but HOW we are doing.

The practice of yoga reminds us of this time and time again. We arrive to our mat, thinking one thing, leaving with a totally different experience. Why does it work this way? Because the journey is about the self, and the self is on a path to understanding the self. The self is not just one way; the self is constantly evolving. The self continues to unfold itself every moment of every day. It is in the moments where we can connect to the body and the breath that we discover what it is we truly need to unfold.

Remember this the next time you unroll your mat and do a forward fold. Surrender to the truth that you have arrived at your mat to discover that there IS something to discover about yourself– a truth that goes far deeper than all the accomplishments and all the awards and all the “things”. Allow yourself to truly accept where you are in your journey and that you are headed somewhere profound. And always remember that your journey has less to do with the potential of your ability to have things (or to get into certain poses) and more to do with your potential to be closer to yourself.

Photography Credit: Mark Kuroda

Nkechi Njaka